Hello, I am Chris Murtagh

Consultant Service Director

I’d love to explore the opportunity to add value to your business, please drop me a note or give me a call and I’ll get in touch.

I deliver the right outcomes by creating effective working relationships; by building an environment where teams can flourish and by holding suppliers, delivery teams and stakeholders to account.  I’ve delivered bespoke local engagements all the way through to follow-the-sun services to customers in over 80 countries. I bring an enviable track record spanning more than 20 years working with the largest global IT companies including IBM, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Fujitsu and CGI.

Personal Info

  • SpecialismDelivering big IT for UK Government
  • ClearanceSC
  • Date of BirthJune, 1975
  • Home LocationNorth West UK
  • Working LocationUK preferred
  • e-mailchris@murtaghmurtaghandmurphy.com
  • Business Phone (voice & text)+44 333 11 22 33 5


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Indicative Blend

  • Service Management 95%

  • Technology awareness 97%

  • Team building 90%

  • Financial Management for SDMs 90%

  • Negotiating 90%

  • Outsourcing 90%

  • Project Management 85%

  • Commercial Management 85%


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Working Life

  • Founder, Murtagh, Murtagh & Murphy

    In late 2014, I decided to make the most of my wide experience and founded my consultancy firm, Murtagh, Murtagh and Murphy.  Since 2014 I've been engaged with UK Government working on some of the largest challenges with the biggest departments including: adoption of Crown Hosting Services; x86 and mainframe workload migration to cloud; refresh of aging legacy estates; transformation of monolithic '90s contracts into towers & SIAM and insourcing of skilled technology activity.

  • Digital Government & Fast Growth Delivery Lead, CGI
    Jan 2014 to Sep 2014

    During this period I was asked to deliver into service the landmark win for CGI at Department for Business Innovation & Skills and Department for Energy & Climate Change (the very first to adopt the Cabinet Office multi supplier & SIAM model). I successfully transitioned the service to live operation (including delivery of ITIL operational functions, service integration team and cross tower processes). I’m now leading on establishing the ongoing strategic service delivery, deploying a set of mechanisms for ongoing service improvement across the towers.     Alongside delivering this unique contract into service I continued to lead my team of Service Delivery Managers working across government supporting the development of our fast growth accounts.

  • Government Delivery Lead, Global Infrastructure Services, CGI
    Oct 2012 to Jan 2014

    Following the acquisition of Logica by CGI I was invited to join the organisation to build the new Service Delivery structure.  I ran the on- and off-shore Service Delivery Managers (30) delivering to central & local Government clients in 110 countries.  I deployed a Client Management Framework across my customer base to ensure we maintain the best level of insight into customer perception, thinking and business planning which enables us to respond to their changing business requirements – delivering best ever CGI performance.  I managed and resolved commercial and delivery escalations at customer C-level to ensure we maintain excellent levels of customer satisfaction and where delivery quality dips, I support the delivery teams with targeted intervention and oversight.   I established the monthly ‘drumbeat’ of internal reviews including finance (p&l £65m revenue pa), delivery & quality which enables me to translate the customer requirements into delivery actions – delivering best ever CGI financial performance.  During this period I was formally identified as the successor to the Vice President, Service Delivery.

  • Senior Service Delivery Manager, Department for Work and Pensions
    Oct 2009 to Sep 2012

    I ran the £220m pa outsourced hosting services contract providing data centres, platforms, services and support for over 3,500 servers on which all of the UK Government benefit payment systems (£100bn payments per annum) and administration services (for 118,000 staff) are run. This includes commercial escalations and management, contract adjustments & negotiation, supplier performance management, financial performance management, and relationship management. I have driven business improvement through technology change (such as my virtualisation programme) and managed the consumption of services more effectively resulting in savings in excess of £23m (in year) over my last 12 month. I have managed an extended period of sustained excellent service performance across all measures even when making significant technology and business changes (such as replacing key legacy mainframe systems). Managing my primary supplier to improve data quality and granularity has enabled me to optimise our consumption of IT services. I have worked with key third party vendors and suppliers to ensure that best value is achieved for the tax payer by entering into "win win" negotiations (such as adopting a vendor preferred technology where it benefits the DWP in service and price and gives the vendor a large reference site). Identified as a high achiever and invited to participate in the DWP Talent programme to develop to the highest tier of the Civil Service.

  • Service Delivery Manager, Bolton Council, Fujitsu Services
    Apr 2008 to Sep 2009

    I delivered a fully managed outsourced IT service to Bolton Council covering 6,000 end users, service desk, desk-side engineering, server management, data network management, applications development and a fully managed Oracle E-Business suite and CRM system. I delivered the best ever financial performance for this customer whilst maintaining customer satisfaction.  Key activities included SLA management (90 measures, account best ever performance achieved); customer satisfaction (increased by 20%); service improvement planning and operations management of 100 staff (80 local, 20 remote); cost budget (£1.6m improvement, account best ever performance due to rigorous control including merging desk side and service desk operations into a single customer service team); replacement of £1.5m hardware running Oracle e-Business suite to plan and budget. During this period I was tracked as a high potential, high performing employee.

  • Service Delivery Manager, East Midlands Broadband, Fujitsu Services
    Jan 2006 to Mar 2008

    I delivered a managed WAN, service desk and hosting to 2,500 schools including support of 300,000 users, transport of over 1bn internet hits and delivery of 10m emails every month. I improved the scorecard results from low 6 to above 8 out of 10 for customer satisfaction. Revenue value is greater than £15m per annum.  Key achievements during this period included: introduction of effective subcontractor management procedures which drove improved rigour enabling increased SLA achievement; migration of 1st line network monitoring from a subcontractor to the Fujitsu NOC in Belfast enabling greater service responsiveness; introduction of lean processes which drove down call volume by 30% and increased incident quality; introduction of ITIL based processes which supported our ongoing efforts to improve our process effectiveness and introduction of an "Acceptance into Service" process which enabled smooth delivery of the final three phases of our largest application “Community Gateway”.

  • Problem Manager, Community Gateway, Fujitsu Services
    Jun 2005 to Dec 2005

    I successfully managed and resolved a critical service & delivery problem with the deployment of phase one of a 100,000 seat end user system “Community Gateway.” The problem was causing severe damage to our reputation and ability to deliver to contract. Resolving the difficulties required that I built strategic relationships across the customer base and managed third party suppliers and internal teams to deliver a co-ordinated effort over a 6 month period to resolve the service difficulties to the satisfaction of the customer.

  • Service Delivery Manager, Derbyshire County Council, Fujitsu Services
    Jan 2004 to May 2005

    I developed the service and managed the delivery of a 6,000 user corporate collaboration systems contract (email, archiving, internet access and filtering, VPN, firewalls, intrusion detection). I maintained service levels in excess of the 99.9% target, paid zero service credits, kept customer satisfaction in excess of 9 out of 10 which is a direct result of the strength of the relationship – irrespective of service difficulties. My service take-on included service design (in particular the service management disciplines). The service was managed into stable ongoing business over a period of 18 months. I continued managing this customer until October 2008 in addition to my additional primary responsibilities.

  • Regional Account Manager, Yorkshire & Humberside, Fujitsu Services
    Apr 2002 to May 2004

    Managing revenue growth, customer satisfaction (increased by 20% to ‘Excellent’) and profitability across a group of accounts within the region; full p & l ownership.  I delivered over £2m additional TCV, sustained & improved customer satisfaction, managed a cross regional brand awareness campaign and in conjunction with key Local Authority customers I developed an aggregated partnering model to address public sector concerns with traditional outsource/multi-sourcing arrangements.

  • Service Manager, Fujitsu Services (as ICL)
    Oct 2001 to Feb 2002

    Completion of the 3 month Service Management Academy and delivery of £500k in-year margin improvement over 4 months.

  • Business Relationship Manager, Hyder Group
    Apr 2000 to Sep 2001

    In 2000, Hyder signed the largest ever UK Local Government outsourcing deal which involved the TUPE transfer of 1018 staff.  I supported the transition, TUPE and service take-on but was responsible for managing service delivery escalations from internal customers; providing strategic advice to the County Council exec board; customer satisfaction improvement; author of interim IT strategy for Lincolnshire; delivery of £750k TCV improvement in year 1 and £4m in year 2. The business services elements of Hyder Group are now owned by Mouchel.

  • Research Assistant, University of Wales & Hyder Group
    August 1996 to March 2000

    Directly employed by my University after completing my degree, I designed and developed machine learning systems for application in the utility industry.  This included customer analysis tools, SCADA replacement systems and a demonstration system to control the chemical dosing at drinking water treatment plants.  Hyder Group directly employed me in 1998 to continue this resarch.


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Formal Education

  • Computer Science Degree, University of Wales, Swansea
    1993 to 1996

    A wide ranging, deeply technical degree covering algorithms, programming, silicon design, maths, networks amongst other topics.  This degree has stood me in good stead for the remainder of my career giving me a very good detector for technical waffle.

  • Thomas Alleyne’s High School
    to 1993

    During my time at Thomas Alleyne's I achieved 4 A-Levels (A, B, B, C) and 8 GCSEs.


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I enjoy sailing, on- and off-shore, and have recently refreshed some of my RYA qualifications.  Since early 2015 I’ve been learning to play the drums and am working my way through the Rockschool exams, I’m currently preparing for grade 6.

I like to spend time tinkering with hobbyist electronics building small IoT projects with Arduino, Zigbee, Raspberry Pi and a soldering iron – the SparkFun and Adafruit websites have provided a strong source of inspiration. I’m a big fan of Game of Thrones, the new HBO series West World,  as well as Blacklist, Blindspot, The Walking Dead and thoroughly enjoy sitting down to watch new episodes.

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